Barclay Products


Barclay tubs

The Barclay Products was originally founded in 1933 but back then it was still known as Sterline Showers Company. Their primary products were clawfoot tubs that had their customers taking showers as well as soaking baths. The company was taken over by Leslie Raffel in 1974. The name was changed to Barclay Products Limited in 1982.

Now they have created great products such as Barclay ATSN60F-WH Lorenzo and Barclay ATDSN70BH-WH Morgan which are great examples of a Barclay freestanding tub. The Barclay TKATR60-WCP9 Andoveris an great example of an Barclay Clawfoot Tub. If you want to get fancy you can go for a Barclay double slipper tub or a regular Barclay slipper tub.